Nootropics Depot Reviews – What Works for Nootropic Providers?

Based in the US, Nootropics Depot is a worldwide health supplements supplier that deals in a range of nootropic compounds. They are some of the best suppliers of natural noots in the world. Some of the natural noots you’d find on their menu includes Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, and L-theanine. They also stock plenty of KSM-66s and Noopept.

The company closed briefly a few years ago only to launch again with new management. Amazon gives the site a 4.5-star rating while the BBB (Better Business Bureau) gives it an A+ place rating. As you can see, the company has bounced back impressively from the closure to be one of the most preferred sources of health supplements to hundreds of thousands of buyers worldwide. Most of their reviews found online are genuinely favorable.

Besides its authenticity, another thing that could draw your attention to Nootropics Depot is its huge inventory of diverse products.

Pros of Nootropics Depot

Quality assurance

Sometimes we are compelled to verify our purchases by conducting a lab test – either via a third-party entity or in-house team – just to ensure we got the value for our money. But that limited to other sellers. The case of Nootropics Depot is different – the company will conduct the tests itself to confirm the purity before shipping them to the buyer.

Not only is it cheap (on the buyer’s part) but also reliable because third party testers could exaggerate the results. This can be worse if the third-party testing entity is located in another jurisdiction.

Impressive customer care

If you lodge a complaint via their support email, the company will within 24 hours during the business days. Their offices are open between 9 am and 5 pm MST on weekdays. However, slow response is often experienced during public holidays.

Non-pushy marketing model

Let’s be honest; some supplement dealers on the internet can be pushy and dishonest when marketing their supplements. You would bump in accompany that is in the market just to make few bucks from gullible buyers.

Nootropics Depot is the noble and honest type. You’ve probably noticed they tend to emphasize the benefits the supplement will bring to the consumer instead of employing those dodgy and meaningless superlatives in their marketing. Better yet, the company focuses on shipping quality supplements that would speak for themselves.

Friendly prices

If you compare Nootropics Depot to such suppliers as Now Foods, you’ll notice that Nootropics Dept’s prices are reasonable. Take the capsules of Alpha GPC for example; a 150 mg packet with 60 capsules costs US$14.99 while that on Now Food’s shelf costs US$20.40

Return policy and shipping

If you place an order before 4 pm on weekdays (Phoenix time), your supplements will be shipped to you on the same day. You’ll be asked to choose from FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS, whichever works best for you. The company’s US-based clients with orders worth US$50.00, and the international clients with orders worth US$200 or more are both entitled to free shipping.

The company ships its supplements in over 100 countries globally. There is a strong chance they’ll deliver your supplements on the doorstep with a reasonable time regardless of where you are. Nootropics Depot uses USPS as its priority shipping option, which usually takes up to 2 days.

It is important to note that the company does not have any return policy in effect.

The general packaging of their supplements is impressive

The fact that they conduct the testing themselves while supporting third-party testing entities means they are serious about the quality of their products.

Their site is easy to navigate.

Cons of Nootropics Depot

Unsatisfactory customer care

Customers can only contact the company via the support email. The failure of the company to provide a phone line and even a live chat on their website is unforgivable. In this era, a company that fails to offer phone contacts is a disgrace. would be better for you.

No return policy

The total absence of a return policy means that you cannot return supplements that don’t meet your specifications. That’s preposterous.

No dosage instructions

Most of the supplements shipped by this company don’t come with dosage instructions. That’s a major thumbs down.

Better Alternative to Nootropics Depot

If you are looking for a better alternative to Nootropics Depot, we recommend, an affordable supplier with better customer support. The design of their website is also neat and organized.

In a nutshell

On the scale of 10, Nootropics Depot would take 8. Excellent services with the ability to ship in over 100 countries are plausible. Prices are also reasonable. However, the customer support system is wanting. Lack of a return policy is regrettable.

Welcome to the site. We are ready to give you the best information about Nootropics Depot and compare it to the competition. You will be surprised that there are a lot of other vendors out there that have something to offer that you otherwise wouldn’t know about. Stay tuned for more information coming in on a regular basis.

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